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Leader Resources

A great Leader does not have all the answers but knows where to go to find them.
It is okay to say “I don’t know, let me get back to you”
as you seek, research and pray for the answers.



Message Series Resources


Looking for Sermon Discussion Guides? You will now find them here on the Message Resource page. This page will make it easy to access each series, the discussion guide and other helpful items. Save this page to your home screen and have easy access all the time!

Message Series Page


Resources to help in your Leadership

How do I care for a group member who is struggling or suffering?

You may not be able to stop their suffering but there are some important things you can do.

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How do I delegate responsibilities in the group?

Good leaders know how to empower others. Find out what you should own and what you should encourage others to take on.

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How do I personally disciple someone?

Learn how to lead others in their faith while you are still growing in yours.

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Practicing Accountability

Why is accountability important? How can you model it for your group?

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Multiply Your Group

Have a large healthy LifeGroup?
It might be time to Multiply!
Learn how to start the process of training up new group leaders.

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LifeGroup Essentials Evaluation

Evaluate the health of your LifeGroup with this easy questionnaire.

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Planning Center Online (PCO)

Learn how to log-in to manage your group settings using the churches new database.

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