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Explore Northeast

What is Northeast about? How can I get connected?

How do I get involved? How do I grow?



Explore Northeast 101, now our Guest Connection Lunch, is designed to answer these questions and more. Attending the Guest Connection Lunch is a great way to meet the staff, meet new friends, and begin making a difference in and through Northeast.

In addition to the Guest Connection Lunch, Explore Northeast 201 & 301 make up our Membership Pathway. If you are interested in moving from being an attender to an investor, please plan to join our next session!


April 19th | 12:15 – 2:00P | *SMB – Gym | Lunch & Childcare provided

Are you new at Northeast? You are invited to join our pastors, staff & elders for this fun, fellowship lunch. Learn about what makes us tick and ask any questions you have about why we are the way we are. Learn why we value worshiping together and why we want to partner with you to focus on movement. When you are moving closer to God and to people here, Northeast naturally becomes your home. Your first step in movement is to worship Christ. At our Guest Connection Lunch we will walk you through the vision, mission, values, and goals of Northeast, each of which begins with a foundation rooted in Christ. Let us know you are attending by registering below.

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We believe community helps determine the direction and quality of life. We can’t make friends for you, but we can point you in the right direction. After you’ve taken the first step in exploring Northeast, the second will help you see and understand our vision to pursue discipleship in groups. The journey of life is too big and tough to do alone. This class will teach you how to take next steps to prioritize and build relationships through LifeGroups, including how you can join our mission by becoming a LifeGroup Leader.


In taking this final step, you’re indicating that you are ready to become a partner and investor at Northeast through membership. By this point you have moved from simply exploring Northeast to engaging with Northeast. We’ll highlight the service opportunities in our church and community, and take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the church so you can experience the difference our members are making in people’s lives, hopefully finding the best place for you to invest in others and live with generous compassion.

*SMB – Student Ministry Building *EMB – Elementary ministry building