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Young Adult Ministry

Northeast’s Young Adult Ministry

Our Young Adult Ministry (YAM) is for anyone ages 18-28. We meet every Sunday evening from 4:30-6:30p in the Chapel.

Our Young Adults group is for anyone in this age bracket, whether you’re pursuing higher education, working, single, married, a parent. If you’re interested in pursuing Christ with others in this same stage of life, YAM is for you! God has made us for community with one another, and we live into His design whole-heartedly and with joy.

This season of life can be crazy, fun, and confusing. We cannot overvalue the reward of living well during these years, and we cannot overstate the cost of living carelessly. Our young adult years grant us some of our liveliest, freest, and most energetic moments: let’s use them to the glory of God!

Connect with others who are growing in how they relate to God, His Church, and the World. Reach out to Rafael Marfil at for questions and more information.

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Pursue Christ with others in the same stage of life!

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