NextGen COVID Plan

NextGen COVID Plan

In this season, your family’s safety is our first priority. The NextGen team has put together a plan that we believe will effectively allow us to continue in person ministry with a few minor changes. Our team is taking many more steps behind the scenes, but we need your help with these 5:


1. Temperature Checks

At each event, we will continue to perform a quick temperature screening of each person entering our buildings. Please consider conducting a quick temperature check at home before coming to church as we will not be able to accommodate families with anyone registering a temperature of 100 or more.

2. Face Mask Requirements

Face masks are now optional, but recommended, for all attendees on our campus. We would encourage you to make the decision on whether to wear a mask or not as a family, but know that we’ll be ready to welcome you with a smile and an “air five” either way. If there are special considerations for your family you’d like to discuss, please contact us at either of the email addresses below.

3. Quarantine Protocols

While the choice to wear a face mask is now up to you, please note the quarantine protocols that will be in effect:

  • Individuals who are properly masked will not be considered a close contact with confirmed positive cases and will only be required to quarantine for 3 days unless symptoms appear.
  • Individuals who are not masked will be considered a close contact with confirmed positive cases and will be required to quarantine for 10 days or to provide a confirmed negative test.
4. Class Sizes

In order to promote social distancing and effective connections in our classes, we will continue to cap our class sizes. If your child’s class is at capacity, you will have the option to take your child to worship with you or watch the service with your child in our Parent Lounge located in our Early Childhood Ministry Building.

5. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizing stations or bottles have been placed in many of our classrooms and at all of the entry and exit points to our buildings. Please consider utilizing those stations when entering and exiting our buildings.


Thank you for your patience and partnership.
Contact or with any questions/concerns.