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Commission Resources

Spiritual Gifts assessment and alignment


It is critical that the disciple who is growing in their Leadership and Legacy know how God has wired them and how He is uniquely calling them to be on mission for Christ. This assessment, along with feedback from others who know you well, can be a critical part of determining your passions and spiritual ‘personality’. Knowing how God has uniquely put you together is critical for narrowing your focus. This narrowed focus can transform your personal mission and service opportunities you pursue/create!

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Disciplemaking is. . .

by Dave Early & Rod Dempsey

In thirty brief, hard-hitting but easily accessible chapters, the entire scope of disciple making is presented in a way that will inspire and inform the reader to obey the Great Commission with great passion. Grounded on a solid biblical foundation, authors Dave Earley and Rod Dempsey — both veterans of one-on-one, collegiate, small group, and local church discipleship — share their practical insights on how to best reproduce reproducers of Christ’s message. Each compelling entry is set up to finish the sentence that begins with the book’s title. For example, Disciple Making Is “Embracing the Cross”, “Forsaking All to Follow Jesus”, “Living on Mission”, “Launching an Unstoppable Force”, “Mentoring Disciples as Jesus Did”, “Multiplying Disciple-Makers as Paul Did”, “Creating a Healthy Church”, and more.

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Real Life Discipleship

by Jim Putnam

With a thorough, results-oriented process that can be applied in other contexts and cultures, this manual explains the necessary components of disciple-making so that every church member can play a part in reaching others for Christ. This workbook shows you how to cultivate new leaders for the future and equip them to make disciples. This book is geared for leaders, but could be used if the group leader thought some in their group were ready to “multiply disciples.”

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The Way of the Shepherd

by Dr. Kevin Leman & Bill Pentak

This 7 session study is packed with useful instruction about directing others as God directs us. A fable on management of others, this book is a useful tool for anyone who is looking to lead others to become their best. Anyone who leads a small group, large gathering, or mult-level corporation can leverage the principles collected here to be a better steward of their ‘flock’.

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Spiritual Leadership

by Oswald Sanders

This book is aimed at calling the person in a place of spiritual leadership up to God’s standard for leaders. Sanders uses the stories of people God used mightily to identify priorities we must value if we will be used by God in big ways.

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Scripture Cards

I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11(ESV)

It is vital that you be in the word of God often. The question is ‘How often is the word of God getting into you?’ Colossians 3:16 tells us to “let the word of Christ dwell in us richly.” For this reason we have designed scripture memory cards for each of the four seasons of a disciples development. Visit the Connection Center of Northeast Bible Church to pick up cards for the season you are in today.

To learn more about why we memorize scripture check out the link below:

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