As a child, Christmas is marked by a certain yearning:


A longing for the season to begin, for school to let out, for family to arrive, snow to fall and presents to be opened. We count down. We struggle to sleep. We wait for Christmas to come. And though we mature and move on from childhood, we never graduate from yearning. Our yearnings simply change.

We wait on hope: the hope of a spouse to soften, a child to return, a sickness to end. We wait for joy: in the midst of heartache, it the aftermath of loss, under the cloud of depression. And we yearn for justice: for wrongs to be righted, hurts to be acknowledged and evil to come to an end.

This Christmas we revisit the promise of God hidden in the advent season–the promise that God has come and will come once again and that the deepest longings of our hearts will, in fact, one day be met in Jesus.



We want to ensure that we have enough room for everyone, so please let us know which one of our identical Christmas Eve services you are planning to attend. THANK YOU SO MUCH!



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