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March 2020 Resources:

Week of 3/22 Devo Kinder-1st Grade
Week of 3/22 Devo 2nd-3rd Grade
Week of 3/22 Devo 4th-5th Grade
March Parent Cue

Previous Months:

September – December 2019 – Faith Through the Phases
School is back in full swing again and your calendar is filled with soccer practice, band competitions, choir performances, and helping with the geometry homework you forgot how to do yourself.  In the midst of that business, the faith conversations you’re having with your kids can become a casualty if you’re not intentional about pointing them in the way they should go. Take some time to check out these resources to learn about the specific phase your kids are in to give you a boost in how to make the most of those moments when you have an opportunity to model Christ for them.

Faith Through the Phases Resources


June – August 2019 – Where are my kids?!
Summer is such a busy time for families. Even with the school year being over, sleepovers, camps, vacations, sports, and so much more can create a family calendar that has everyone moving in different directions. We’ll be kicking off another school year before you know it, and if you aren’t intentional, you might just miss some big changes in your kids. It happens so quick! Check out these resources to get a better understanding of what’s making your kids tick in each phase so you can parent more effectively.

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April 2019 – Faith Through the Phases
The Easter season is so exciting for us. We get to celebrate a RISEN SAVIOR! It’s also a time when conversations about the gospel at home seem easier and a little more natural. So what can you do to make this conversation last after the bunnies and Easter eggs leave the store shelves? As a parent, you’re the primary mentor and disciple maker to your kids, not only in this season, but in every phase they grow through. Here are some resources to help you continue those faith conversations through the phases:

Faith Through the Phases Resources


March 2019 – Tribes over Time
Tribes over time show us how we belong. There’s something about having a group of people you’re connected closely to that makes you believe you matter. Your kids need those tribes. YOU need those tribes. We all need to be a part of a tribe. This month we want to challenge you to think about who you want to have influence in the lives of your kids. It may even mean telling them how important they are and asking them to spend some extra time with your child. The reality is your kids are listening to someone. Be intentional about who that someone is.

Tribes over Time Resource

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February 2019 – Sexual Integrity
Remember “the talk” with your parents? Maybe that time went really well, but chances are it was super awkward, or you never even had it. February has become a month about love with Valentine’s Day right in the middle of it, and for your kids, especially teens, romance and sexuality can mean a lot of different things.  It’s not just about no sex before marriage, but helping your kids pursue sexual integrity at every phase. YOU are the person God has placed in their lives to lead that conversation and we want to help! Check out these helpful resources for having those conversations.

Sexual Integrity Parent Conversation Guide – Preschool
Sexual Integrity Parent Conversation Guide – Elementary
Sexual Integrity Parent Conversation Guide – Middle School
Sexual Integrity Parent Conversation Guide – High School

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January 2019 – Jump Start Family Devotionals
Welcome to a new year!  Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing… how is it a new year already?  But 2019 is happening, whether you’re ready or not. But what if this year was different?  What if you could head in to this year with a plan for your family to grow closer to God and each other?  We want to help with that! Here are some of our favorite resources to help jump start those conversations about spending time in Scripture together and pushing each other to grow in this important habit.

2019 Family Plan
Family Prayer Calendar
Family Rhythm Check Up

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December 2018 – Family Christmas Conversations
Overloaded schedules and a long to-do list can sometimes make December feel like something we just have to get through, but we want your Christmas season to be about more than just surviving as a family.  We want to help your family be intentional about having fun together during this season and remember why we really celebrate Christmas!

Parents’ Guide to Telling the Christmas Story
Make the Most of Christmas
Make the Most of New Year’s
Check out the Family Focus in our 2018 Advent Calendar HERE.


November 2018 – Technology and the Family
Technology is everywhere these days, and making conscientious choices about how we use it in our families is more than internet filters and screen time limits for our children, but also about being aware of your own screen time. We hope these books and resources can be a help to you and your family as you have these conversations in your own home to set a healthy pace for your family’s technology usage.

Cell Phone Contract
Technology Conversation Guide for PreSchoolers
Technology Conversation Guide for Elementary Kids
Technology Conversation Guide for Middle Schoolers
Technology Conversation Guide for High Schoolers

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