We spend weeks searching for the perfect gift for the ones we love the most

hunting, browsing, researching – all in the hopes that what we end up finding fills our loved ones with delight.

And yet the reality of Christmas is that there are no perfect gifts. Every gift fades and every year we begin the hunt all over again for that ‘perfect gift’ proving, simply by searching, that last year’s gift wasn’t so ‘perfect’ after all.

The Christmas season is a constant reminder of our longing for perfection in a world that can never deliver. And yet Christmas stands as a beacon in the night reminding us that every good gift has already been given and can be found in the person of Jesus Christ.

Join us this Christmas as we unwrap the Christmas story in the book of Luke and discover the beauty of how Jesus has come to bring us every good gift.


Service Times

*2:30p  |  *3:45p  |  5p  |  6:15p



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