Amendments to Constitution & Bylaws

proposed by Northeast Bible Church



Over the past several years the Elders have been discussing needed amendments to our By-Laws in order to better serve our ministry and meet the current demands of leading a changing and growing church. Our Constitution and By-Laws were adopted during the first years of Northeast’s inception when it was a new and much smaller church. Over the past 40 years our staff, congregation and even our campus have grown significantly; yet much of our Constitution and By-Laws remain unchanged.

In keeping with the guidelines in our Constitution, the following revisions are being presented to the membership of Northeast for consideration and discussion prior to their formal presentation at our annual meeting in December at which time the Elders will call for a vote.

Members at Northeast will be given the chance to dialogue with the Board of Elders concerning this statement at an informational meeting this fall. Should any member care to discuss this issue personally or privately prior to (or apart from) that gathering you may contact the elders directly at:

See the Proposed Changes

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