Young Adults

What is a Young Adult?  

Young adults can be poets, parents or professional clowns.

We are individuals but God has made us for community with one another. 

The Young Adult Ministry of Northeast is for anyone ages 18-28. This season of life can be crazy, fun & confusing. The reward of living well during these years cannot be overvalued nor can the cost of living carelessly be overstated.  

Connect with others who are growing in how they relate to God, His Church & the World.  


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Young Adult/Newlyweds

Young Adults (18-28) *Open to Individuals or Couples *Follow Sermon Discussion Guides with occasional discussion of other resources.


Young Adult/College & Career

Young Adults (ages 18 to 28). This group includes adults in College and starting their Careers. Experience Discipleship in a fun and familial environment.