Share Your Story


Share Your Story


What work have you seen God do in your life as a result of something you've heard in our Red Letter Living Series? Has God made you hungrier for more of Him? Has He made you aware of some area of your life where you need to take a posture of humility? Has He brought healing or reconciliation to a relationship?

Please share your 30-second story of how God has changed your heart or life through this series. Here are some guidelines to help you film and submit your story:

  • Keep it to 30 seconds or less
  • Film indoors and limit background noise
  • Make sure we can see your face really well - sit in a well-lit area
  • Then use this form to upload your video

We'll select a few of the stories we receive and use them to celebrate the life-change we've seen as God has worked among His people here at Northeast as we close this series.