This Month’s Focus:

Family Christmas Conversations
Overloaded schedules and a long to-do list can sometimes make December feel like something we just have to get through, but we want your Christmas season to be about more than just surviving as a family.  We want to help your family be intentional about having fun together during this season and remember why we really celebrate Christmas!

Parents’ Guide to Telling the Christmas Story
Make the Most of Christmas
Make the Most of New Year’s

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Previous Months:

Technology and the Family
Technology is everywhere these days, and making conscientious choices about how we use it in our families is more than internet filters and screen time limits for our children, but also about being aware of your own screen time. We hope these books and resources can be a help to you and your family as you have these conversations in your own home to set a healthy pace for your family’s technology usage.

Cell Phone Contract
Technology Conversation Guide for PreSchoolers
Technology Conversation Guide for Elementary Kids
Technology Conversation Guide for Middle Schoolers
Technology Conversation Guide for High Schoolers

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