What to Expect


What to Expect

Thank you for taking a few moments to learn a little more about what you can expect from a weekend experience here at Northeast. We believe whole-heartedly that even though we put a lot of effort and intentionality into what happens here on the weekends, there is more to our following Jesus than what happens in our buildings. But with that being said, if you are thinking about joining us for one of our weekend services, here are some things you can expect when you get here:

What Should I Wear?

Come dressed. You will find a wide variety of wardrobes when you get here. There's no need to worry about what you're wearing. Be comfortable. Be casual. It's really up to you.

How Long Will I Be There?

Each of our weekend services typically runs between 60-70 minutes, though we strongly suggest that arriving early to connect with someone from our Campus Team isn't a bad idea—especially if you have kids. Our campus is kind of big, and it will take a few minutes to get settled.

Where Do I Go Once I Get There?

Our campus can be a little tricky to navigate when you are new. We have seen a lot of growth since the church was originally planted in the area, which has caused us to continue to expand. This expansion (while necessary for accommodating more people) means that some of our ministries are located in separate buildings. Your best bet is to park in our guest parking lot and head to the outdoor Welcome Tent, where one of our volunteers will help you find your way around.

I Have Kids, What Should I Do?

Aside from engaging services for adults, we also offer age-specific ministry environments for your kids. Their safety is our primary concern, so everyone who works in our NextGen environments has been background checked and we use a check-in system to make sure your kids are secure. For more information about what's available for your child, check out our NextGen pages below.

BIRTH - PRE K K - 5th Grade 6th - 12th Grade


When you arrive you can walk right up to one of our awesome NextGen team members behind the counter and they will help you get checked in!

What Are Services Like?

We do our best to create an engaging environment for all people. At Northeast you'll find:

- Practical messages that are Biblically rooted.
- A relaxed environment.
- Music that, whether upbeat or reflective, provides an opportunity to celebrate together.
- A challenge to lead you to your next step, and the resources to help get you there.


Will I be expected to give?

At Northeast, we see giving as an opportunity for us to return to God some of what He's given to us so that we can continue to offer ministries that lead people to Christ, allow them to connect in Community, and serve with generous Compassion.  BUT, if you're just visiting, feel free to let the offering basket pass you by. Many of our regular attendees give online, so you won't be the only one!

What will my kids be doing?

Our NextGen teams make sure your child is engaging in a community that challenges them with biblical truths and introduces them to what it means to be a follower of Jesus. If you would like more information about our NextGen ministries, you can find it here.

What are the church's beliefs?

All of our general doctrinal beliefs can be found here.

Is the church affiliated with a specific denomination?

Northeast is a member of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA), but the EFCA is not a denomination in the traditional sense. While we are aligned with their statement of faith, we operate independently.

How big is the church?

On any given Sunday, we have about 1,100 people come through our campus, including kids. We run services at two different times in two different venues to make sure there's room for everyone. So while you definitely won't hear crickets in any of our environments, know that we have room for you! 

Is there a difference between services?

Not at all. All of our weekend services are designed to give you the same experience and same message.

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