As one of the first gifts God gave man, the marriage covenant stands as the cornerstone of lifelong relationships between man and wife.  Since it was his design, God wants your marriage to thrive and grow.  No matter where you are in your marriage - whether you're just starting out as an engaged couple, struggling in your relationship, or just seeking an even greater connection with your spouse - every marriage can benefit from pushing the pause button on life to pursue the marriage that God has for you.

Marriage Mentoring offers married couples an opportunity to meet with a trained marriage mentor couple who has been called to serve God and His Kingdom by enriching and celebrating Christ-centered marriage.  Mentors have access to many different resources that might be useful in advancing married couples closer to the marriage that God has planned for them.  

Who Are Marriage Mentors?  NEBC's Marriage Mentor team consists of married couples who have been married from anywhere between 10 to 30 years or more.  These couples have experienced both the challenges and triumphs of marriage and have answered God's call to speak biblical truth into other marriages.  Since there are no "perfect" marriages, you won't find mentors who have done everything right in their own marriage.  You will find that our mentors "perfectly imperfect", caring people who are interested in seeing you and your spouse grow closer together and closer to God.

Getting Started: If you're interested in meeting with a mentor couple, complete the Marriage Mentoring Form below. A member of the Marriage Ministry Leadership Team or a Staff Member will contact you to discuss next steps. 

Marriage Mentoring Form