LifeGroups begin September 10th!

Are you looking for a LifeGroup to join? Click here to see a list of our open groups! Check back frequently if you don't see one that will work for you - we're in the process of updating our groups.


LifeGroups are the primary place at Northeast where people connect in relationships, grow spiritually, reach others, and engage the gospel through multiplication.

 Christ did not send the disciples out alone. Even when they went by twos, they came back together as a group to process and improve upon what they had put into practice. Just like the disciples, we need each other.

At Northeast, we pursue discipleship in groups. Are you ready to start your new new adventure? 

Click here to see a list of our open LifeGroups, then click on the group name to see more information and to contact the leaders.

NEBC Members, is it time to lead your own LifeGroup? Click here!



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